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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Area

We currently cover all of Sunderland, Newcastle, Gateshead, South Tyneside and North Shields council areas. We also cover Durham DH1-DH6 postcodes. Please note we do not currently cover Northumberland, Darlington or Hartlepool council areas at this time.

Do I need to exercise?

No is the answer. However, if you do train please tell us know as want to ensure the plan is right for you. If you train more you may need a plan with more calories.

The packaging... do we recycle?

We use fresh tubs each time so no need to send them back. Our packaging has already been made from recycled material, and we specifically use the packaging we do due to its recyclability, so we encourage you to recycle them with your local provider.

Can you offer halal food?

Yes! We are able to offer an entirely halal menu.

Do you offer different meal sizes?

Yes, we order a standard size and a bulk size for several meal options, please see the menu for options.

Is there a contract?

No. You are free to cancel at any time. All we ask is that if you’ve already paid and wish to cancel your next delivery you give us at least 2 days notice – so before Friday for a Sunday's delivery. Refunds will be sent the same day, however your bank or credit card will generally take 3 days to show the refund.

When will I receive my order?

You can choose the start date or delivery during the order process.

I require specific macros, can you help?

Yes. We offer a bespoke service that will cater for specific macros that you provide. Depending on the macros, this can often be at additional cost to the regular meal plans depending on your requirements, however please get in touch to discuss.

I'm a vegetarian/vegan. What options do you have?

We have around 15 menu options available on our menu at any one time that are marked as vegetarian/vegan. You can display only these options during the order process as well as update your meal preferences so that only these options are shown.

I have a allergy/intolerance? Can you help?

Generally, yes we can. Our system covers most allergies and intolerances, please specify when ordering or feel free to get in touch beforehand to discuss this.

Am I going to lose weight if I eat your meals?

We can’t tell you that you will lose weight for sure. Losing weight depends on many factors like exercising or nutrition. However we can assure you that our meals will fuel your body with quality proteins, carbohydrates and fats to reach your goal. Each meal will carry a significant amount of protein from quality cuts of beef/chicken or fish along with low GI carbs and healthy fats. The vast majority of our customers achieve their goals whilst eating the FreshPrepare meal plan.

Can I freeze the meals?

The vast majority of our meals are suitable for freezing, please follow the storage guidelines on the label of each dish for more information.

How does ordering work?

Is this a subscription service?
It’s completely up to you. If you want us to deliver meals to you each week, so that you never have to worry about your nutrition, we do this by default. You can pause, amend or stop your deliveries at any time by emailing online or by getting in touch with us. If you want to receive the meals just once this is also fine!

How do subscriptions work?
We will normally send you 2 deliveries per week, on a Friday and Tuesday, however this can be changed at your convenience. We use Stripe recurring payments which will come out on the weekly anniversary of your first payment. You can cancel, amend or pause your order at any time online. We will continue to innovate and you can choose a new menu whenever you like! Just let us know if you are unhappy with any of our meals and we will replace free of charge.

How do I order?
Simple. Just head to the Order page, and complete the form. You can pay using all major credit/debit cards. We will then send you your plan on the chosen delivery date. If you have any questions in the meantime you can email us at hello@freshprepare.com


It’s super convenient
Prepared by incredibly talented chefs for your goals and delivered direct to your door. Imagine going to the fridge and having all of your meals prepped for you! Think what you can do with the hours each week you can save cooking!

It’s designed to fuel your fitness goals
Unlike almost all ready-prepped food we have an uncompromising focus on health and fitness. We use only clean ingredients, never add sugar, never add preservatives and design each meal so that it has the right amount of Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates to power your fitness goals.

Great variety
When you are busy and have to cook for yourself, variety naturally goes out the window. Most people rotate the same 3 or 4 recipes each week. With FreshPrepare we have dozens of meals on rotation and we will keep your diet interesting, fun and tasty!

No food waste
Keep finding partially used, mouldy ingredients at the back of your fridge? So does everyone else. Our boxes eliminate food waste. We measure out and cook the ingredients for you so that you don’t have to buy bulk supplies only to use a small amount, saving money and the environment!

Meals you love back on the menu
We take all the foods that ‘clean-eaters’ miss and put them back on the menu. Using innovative, healthy ingredients and A LOT of trial and error we make incredible tasting versions of comfort food and sweet treats.

Great Taste
Our aim is to make each meal on our menu beg the question “How is something that tastes this delicious good for you?” We have tested 1000’s of recipes and only the ones the left us craving more made the menu. We also make sure that only the bests chefs make your meals so that you really can get restaurant quality, fitness food, delivered to your door.

Highest Quality Ingredients
The key to great tasting, nutritious meals is using the highest quality ingredients. We never compromise on the nutritional quality of our ingredients, which includes freshness. We’re lucky enough to be based in North East England and use as many local suppliers as possible. Our chef’s are also VERY picky about what ingredients they will use for taste, as each meal that leaves their kitchen is a reflection of their skill and integrity.

How clean are the dishes?

When we use cooking oils we only use coconut or olive oil. We use only free range eggs. Milk is filtered.

Most of menu is gluten free, and you can of course opt for a fully gluten free menu.

We know how important it is to supply your body with quality food. Our meals are designed to fit the needs of what we call “active people”, basically people who regularly exercise and need to control what goes inside their body. Each of the meal will be around 500 grams with 120-150g of meat/fish to fuel your body with a quality source of protein.

With us you will never feel disappointed with the size of a meal. On top of that, all our meals are controlled by a certified dietician who will make sure it carries all the nutrients your body needs.

How to eat?

Everything we supply is ready to eat, and can be eaten straight from the packaging. Most customers will want to have hot meals, and the heating instructions are labelled on each portion of food.