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Chef Prepared Fresh Healthy Meal Preparation Service

Established in 2016, we are one of the longest established meal prep companies in the UK. Our founder Gareth came from the sports fashion industry and has a passion for health and fitness and understood the importance of fuelling your body correctly to allow it to perform at its best in every aspect of daily life.

As he travelled a lot with his career, it became increasing difficult to maintain our healthy lifestyle. He did try on many occasions to plan meals for the week. He would shop at the weekend with all the intentions of cooking healthy dinners and prepping healthy lunches for work, but then every time, life got in the way and he ended up eating out or grabbing fast food. Worse, he was wasting food.

He would be out of the house for 12 hours most days, and when he did get home, he wanted to spend quality time with the family or go to the gym. He did not want to spend our evenings cooking and cleaning. When he didn’t stick to our normal routine of healthy eating, he felt tired, sluggish and suffered the dreaded ‘brain fog’.

Then he had an idea! What if you could have delicious, healthy,
calorie-controlled meals, cooked by Chefs and delivered to your door, ready for the days ahead. No more shopping, chopping, cooking, cleaning or food waste!

Thus, FreshPrepare was born and we’ve since helped lots people to take control of their nutrition – new mums, athletes, celebrities, busy families, sports professionals and more.

We hope you enjoy the meals our team have created for you and we look forward to helping you with your nutrition.